Technical Features

Technical Features

Our pizza ovens are hand-crafted using special refractory bricks, which are extremely compacts and which contain a high percentage of alumina. The special dimensions of these bricks, which thickness is 120 mm, enable us to customize the oven according to the requirements of every single user. Usually, the pizza ovens are equipped with: iron base, front opening with iron door, granite slab on the front of the opening, fronton in cast iron, thermometer for temperature measurement.

Why choosing an oven by Forni Pavesi Rimini, instead of a prefabricated oven?

For its uniqueness, which is the proof of the handcrafted origin of the product, for the quality of the materials and for its unlimited life. No oven by Forni Pavesi Rimini is similar to the other!

Why choosing an oven by Forni Pavesi Rimini?

The differences between Forni Pavesi Rimini ovens and the prefabricated ovens are many and significant. Just to list some of the main differences:

Because they are hand-made
Prefabricated ovens have standard dimensions which the customer has to accept. Our ovens are hand-crafted and custom-made, respecting the needs and the working spaces of the customer.
For robustness
Our ovens are stronger: compared to a prefabricated oven, the average weight of our oven is the double.
For low consumption
The thickness of the dome of 20 cm (the average thickness of the prefabricated ovens is 7 cm) enables to reduce energy consumption of 80% and guarantees an excellent thermal flywheel.
For the quality of materials
Thanks to the use of high-quality materials and thanks to the high percentage of alumina contained in our refractory bricks, tempered at 1800°C, the bricks preserve their resistance, ensure thermal insulation and energy saving.
For wear resistance
Our ovens resist to wear and differently to prefabricated ovens, they are not subject to cracks and consequent heat dispersion.
For the special cooking surface
The cooking surface is the part of the oven which can wear out because of the abrasion of the working tools. In the prefabricated ovens the dome is positioned on the cooking surface and as a consequence, it cannot be replaced. In our ovens, the bricks of the cooking surface are positioned only once the base of the dome has been completed, so that the cooking surface can be replaced after years.

The components

La Cupola - Forni Pavesi Rimini
The dome

MATERIAL: refractory bricks with high alumina content, tempered at 1800° C, to ensure the highest performances.

THICKNESS: 20 cm, composed as follows: 12 cm of refractory bricks, 8 cm di of refractory concrete.

INSULATION: 50 mm of ceramic fiber + 50 mm of di vermiculite concrete.

STRUCTURE: the construction system of the dome is self-supporting; the bricks of the dome need no supporting structures. Guaranteed for more than 30 years!

Piano di Cottura - Forni Pavesi Rimini
The cooking surface

The cooking surface is undoubtedly the most important part of the oven, our cooking surface has a thickness of 30 cm!
Thanks to the special structure of the cooking surface, our ovens ensure fast and homogeneous cooking, without losing temperature.

MATERIAL: refractory bricks with a high alumina content, tempered at 1800°C to ensure high performances.

STRUCTURE: the cooking surface is composed by 5 different layers.

  • The first is composed by special refractory slabs of 40 x 40 cm with a thickness of 6 cm, which quickly collect the heat.
  • The second is composed by special refractory bricks which absorb and then transfer the heat to the first layer.
  • The third and the fourth layer are composed by natural salts and inert natural substances which dry out the humidity contained in pizzas.
  • The fifth layer is made of a special insulating material, which acts as a mirror, reflecting the heat and pushing it upwards.
Il rivestimento e la bocca - Forni Pavesi Rimini
The cladding and the opening

The ovens can be cladded according to specific requirements and they can be customized to match the design of the location or to meet the customer taste.

The semicircular opening is proportioned to the oven dimensions. The standard opening has a width of 56 cm, for family pizza or baking tray, but it can be custom made.

Riscaldamento del forno - Forni Pavesi Rimini
Oven heating and consumption

The oven reaches the working temperature in aproximately 30 minutes .

It is fundamental to considered that the oven consumption is not a fix value, as it always depends on different factors.
The estimated consumption we can consider is:
WIDTH: 7/8 kg per hour (medium sized oven)

Manutenzione - Forni Pavesi Rimini

The dome does not require any maintenance and as an unlimited life.
The cooking surface, the part of the oven which is more subject to wear, process caused both by the use of cooking tools and by the burning wood, can be easily replaced.
N.B. : it is important to consider that the smoke outlet (flue) should be cleaned out every time it is necessary, in compliance with the regulations of the place where the ovens has been installed (every 12 months at least).

Canna fumaria - Forni Pavesi Rimini

The oven should have its flue. No other machineries should be connected to the flue of the oven. The respect of the regulations in force is recommended.

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