Tornado 2.0 Rotating Oven – Plasterboard Cladding

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Hand-crafted Tornado Rotanting 2.0 oven model with refractory bricks
Oven complete with:
refractory brick dome and cooking surface,
cement base,
suspended copper hood,
marble oven mouth counter,
digital control panel with integrated thermometer,
oven mouth counter,
open iron support structure,
1 wood-burning oven,
front smoke outlet,
plasterboard cladding, ready to be painted,
CE certificates, user and maintenance manual


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«Tradition and innovation:
a perfect combination»

The dome with an internal height of 47-50 cm, is built with special 12 cm thick refractory bricks with a high concentration of alumina. A layer of 50 mm of special fibres and 100mm of vermiculite guarantee high thermal insulation, thus guaranteeing considerable heat retention and considerable energy savings. 

The cooking surface has a thickness of 16 cm. Thanks to its robustness, the oven can cook evenly and maintain the temperature for many pizzas consecutively. 

The oven mouth, 56cm wide with a semicircle shape, is proportionate to the size of the oven. A 30 mm thick granite counter is in front of it with a frontal depth of 30 cm and a lateral width of 135cm. 

The oven is ready to use, just connect the flue. Once the oven is fully operational, it takes about 30 minutes to heat up the oven. 

Smoke outlet flue 25 cm. It can easily reach temperatures above 600°. 

It is equipped with a combined wood and gas combustion system. The wood-burning oven allows you to adjust the flame through a ventilation system that allows you to increase the primary air in the combustion area. 

It is possible to install up to two gas burners, one in the cooking chamber and the other under the surface. 

The direction and speed of rotation can be easily adjusted from the new touch control panel, also available in the electromechanical version, or also remotely via app upon request. 

Technical specifications

Weight/Kg External measurements(m) Internal measurements(m) Wood-burning pizza
3000 2,10x1,97 1,20x1,20 8/10
3100 2,20x2,07 1,30x1,30 10/12
3200 2,30x2,17 1,40x1,40 12/14
3300 2,40x2,27 1,50x1,50 14/16

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    Technical specifications

    Weight/Kg External measurements(m) Internal measurements(m) Wood-burning pizza
    3000 2,10×1,97 1,20×1,20 8/10
    3100 2,20×2,07 1,30×1,30 10/12
    3200 2,30×2,17 1,40×1,40 12/14
    3300 2,40×2,27 1,50×1,50 14/16

    Overall oven dimensions: Forno a legna Forni Pavesi RiminiForno a legna Forni Pavesi Rimini

    Including accessories

    60,00 VAT excluded
    Coperchio, modello per pizzeria, da 56 cm per chiusura bocca forno
    160,00 VAT excluded
    Telaio e coperchio per bocca forno, modello per pizzeria, con asole per passaggio "pizza famiglia" 56xh30 cm


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